Settlement of utilities

We have submitted accounts of utilities for the period mentioned in our letter.

Your share of the expenses is shown in our letter and is stated in the accompanying accounts.

Your prepaid on-account amount is offset against your consumption and the difference, charge or refund, will be included in your next rental charge.

If you are no longer a tenant in the property and you should have a refund, you must provide a bank account number to the property manager, to which the amount must be transferred. The email is mentioned in our letter. If you must be charged, the amount must be paid using the attached payment card.

Any objection to the settlement/account must be made in writing, no later than 6 weeks after you have received it and sent to property manager. The objection must include information in which items the accounts cannot be approved.

Reference to the law applicable to your lease contract also appears in the letter


For your information, the text of the Danish letter will always be legally applicable.