Utilities settlement  

We have sent you the utilities statement for the period stated in the letter.

You can find your share of the utilities costs in the letter, as well as in the statement from the accounting firm.

The amount you have paid on-account has been offset in the utilities statement and any difference will be deducted or repaid in your next rent payment.

If you are no longer a tenant at the property and you are entitled to a repayment, please send your account information to the responsible property manager via the email address in the letter. If you owe additional payments, please pay the amount using the provided payment slip.

If you have any objections to the utilities statement, please send your objections to the responsible property manager no later than six weeks after you receive the letter. In the objection, please indicate which sections of the settlement cannot be approved.

References to legal provisions and your tenancy agreement can be found in the letter.

Please note that only the Danish version of this letter is legally valid.

See the annotation on the letter on the image below or on this PDF