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Property Management provider in Denmark

We provide full-service property management, including facility management, company management and maintenance planning, for all types of properties in Denmark

At Cobblestone Property Management, we know the Danish property market in depth. Whether you are an institutional landlord or private investor, we can help you run and optimize your Danish property assets.

We provide full-service property management, including facility management, company management and maintenance planning. We manage all types of properties, but have special competencies in retail and real estate development projects.

Our team of 200 property management professionals take pride in providing the most flexible, fast-responding and proactive service in Denmark. Our size allows us to adapt our services to individual customer needs – an ability that is appreciated by ambitious and development-focused property owners and asset managers. 

We have pioneered the use of web-based operational platforms, giving you online access to your asset data, and can provide bespoke property management solutions that will maximize the profitability of your investments. 

Property Management Services

Cobblestone is one of the leading and fastest-growing property management providers in Denmark. Our services include:

  • Rent collection and debt recovery
  • Service charge management
  • Management of lease obligations
  • Tenant relationship management
  • Bookkeeping of all property-related issues
  • Company management
  • Management of risk, insurance and legal issues
  • Physical and technical maintenance of properties
  • Reporting data on property, tenants, vacancy, and rent
  • Administrative and technical support in sale and purchase of properties (due diligence)
  • Procurement, quality control and contract management of facility service providers 

Our Ambition – optimizing your investment through modern property management

Since our establishment in 2003, we have remained independently owned and managed – a fact that has enabled us to maintain our values of being flexible, fast-responding and forward-thinking. We know the property investment market and provide our clients with services that combine modern cost-efficient property management with the newest technological solutions. 

We ensure that we have a sound knowledge of the properties we manage, and achieve this by interacting professionally with tenants and by keeping abreast of maintenance issues. This allows us to identify measures that will help maximise the long-term value of your property – something we are quite passionate about.

Our team at Cobblestone – one point of contact

Cobblestone consists of three departments: our property management department, our facility service consultancy department, and our financial department. Our full-service property management covers all services concerning administration, legal issues, technical advice, property service and financial advice. With our in-house team of more than 200 skilled professionals, you receive a cohesive service that addresses all your property management needs. 

We are committed to offering a high level of service and short response times. We therefore allocate a specific person in each department as your point of contact. Your contact in the property management department will be your main point of contact.  


  • Our property management department handles all ongoing tenant-related tasks, rent collection, negotiations, letting strategy, tenant-related reporting etc. This department has the overall responsibility for your assets and your contract with Cobblestone, and thereby the key-account responsibility. Property management is our core service and we pledge to manage your property portfolio using well-tested administrative processes that utilise our industry-leading IT systems. Read more >>> 

  • Our facility service consultancy department handles all operational matters, such as procurement and property services, management of supplier contracts, re-tendering, maintenance planning, supervision of procured services, etc. This department is supported by our technical subsidiary Plan1 - Cobblestone Architects A/S and their in-house architects and construction engineers. Read more >>> 
  • Our financial department handles all ongoing finance-related work, daily accounting and monthly reporting, etc. This department also provides advice on optimizing loans, liquidity and insurance, and long-term financial and maintenance-related planning. Apart from accounting related to rent and expenses, the department also provides comprehensive company management services to both Danish and foreign companies with complex international holding and fund structures. Read more >>>


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Industry leading IT solutions

Cobblestone is a leader in digitalisation of property management and we are committed to exploring the benefits of IT for our clients. We have pioneered the development and successful introduction of internet-based property management in Denmark. Today, our suite of online solutions is widely acknowledged as being at the cutting edge by our clients and competitors alike.

100% Electronic accounting

Complete electronic accounting with online customer invoice approval. Electronic export of all accounting information and documentation.  

Customer intranet

Access to our online customer intranet, with daily updated accounting and financial reporting, electronic document archives, tenant and supplier information.

Task management

Online mobile task management system with realtime status for all tasks and customer task approval. 

Electronic signing

Platform for electronic signing of contracts and leases, based on national government approved electronic signatur.

Flexibility and customized solutions

At Cobblestone, we have an unconventionally flexible approach to property management, in contrast to the otherwise often conservative property management sector in Denmark. We provide several customized setups for property owners, fund managers and asset managers.

In these customized setups, we don’t fit our customer into a standardised solution. We go to great lengths to adapt and customize a specific solution for our customers. For example, in one case, we perform our property management externally on the IT-platform of an (international) customer. In another case, we have allowed a customer to work directly on our IT platform, for the tasks they wish to keep in-house.

We provide services in the following segments


We are specialized in retail and manage all types of retail properties from small-box retail to large shopping centres. 


With more than 25.000 residential units under management, we handle all types of housing properties under all types of regulation.


We provide both property management and facility services for office properties.


We have extensive experience in managing logistics properties throughout Denmark.

Student housing

Student housing is a growth sector in the major cities in Denmark and we provide a specially adapted full-service property management package for this sector. 

Development projects

With some of the leading developers in Denmark as our clients, we have extensive experience in the management of complex company structures involved in property development projects.

Contact us

For further information contact CEO at Cobblestone, Ashkan Ahmadinia. 
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Ashkan Ahmadinia
Dir. +45 3175 6261