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Property Management Services

Our facility service consultancy department handles all operational matters, such as procurement of property services, management of supplier contracts, re-tendering, maintenance planning, supervision of procured services, etc.

Our facility management organisation can maintain consistant presence of managed properties with both technical and managerial staff. Our facility managers are supported by our technical subsidiary Plan1 - Cobblestone Architects A/S and their 25 in-house architects and construction engineers.

Facility management, Maintenance and Construction Services

  • Ongoing technical operation of property and maintenance
  • Contact with site staff (caretakers and other service staff)
  • Administration of keys and access cards
  • Approving invoices concerning operation of the properties
  • Contract management of property’s service agreements
  • Technical site inspections
  • Client advisory services in relation to refurbishment and construction projects
  • Maintenance planning and budgeting
  • Construction management

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